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Why Link Building Should Be Used in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Why Link Building Should Be Used in Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Most business owners know the importance of using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to rank as high as possible, ideally on the first page of search results. But when you’re new to digital marketing, you might assume that having quality search engine optimized content with explainer videos, blog posts, and relevant infographics is all you’ll really need to achieve that. 

The reality is, there are more pieces of the puzzle to consider for any digital marketing strategy to consider. Link building, the SEO term for the process of getting other sites to link to a page on your own to get higher rankings, is critical. As the search engines like Google are now focused on quality over quantity, it’s more important to get a few credible, trustworthy links than dozes of spammy ones.

Link building is kind of like fishing. You need the right bait ad good hooks, which is why experts who provide link building services typically see much greater success than the average person without the proper knowledge to use it. Done the right way, it will be highly conducive when it comes to meeting your goals for growth.

Higher Ranking

When the pages of your websites are indexed by Google and other search engines, they receive a ranking. As three-quarters of people never navigate past the first page of search results on Google, if you can get a high ranking, the more visible your site will be to the maximum amount of viewers. 

A higher ranking also indicates your credibility and domain authority in a market or niche. Sites that have more high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites usually rank higher. Having a diverse range of links also indicates that your site is one to be trusted.

Expanding Your Reach

Growing your site’s reach is a key part of any long-term SEO strategy. When you effectively build links across a variety of different sites, you’ll see an improvement in the performance of your website. You’ll be casting a wider net, exposing your site to new people while reaching more who are in your target audience, increasing traffic and lead generation. 

Link building done properly will drive referrals and traffic to your site as part of a cyclic, progressive process in which every step helps to improve the next.

Building Brand Awareness

The success of your digital marketing strategy, and therefore your business, is dependent on online visibility. The higher your site ranks and the more traffic it generates, the more visible it will be. It will reach a diverse range of audiences, from those who are familiar with what you’re offering as well as new viewers who aren’t. 

Building brand awareness is critical for standing out among your competitors as it will earn you the attention of consumers, their interest, and trust. It gives your business more credibility allowing you to reach a maintain a strong position in your niche.

Making Industry Connections 

Making connections and networking with others in your industry or niche, including businesses, websites, and influencers, is also an important form of link building. When you have multiple mutually beneficial relationships, you’re likely to enjoy a big advantage that allows your business to grow through link referrals and increased exposure.

You might start by creating content relevant to one of your connections, and they might choose to share it on their own site, linking back to yours. Developing relationships and building links within the scope of a niche or specific industry are complementary processes that work successfully when done in tandem.