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Why Omnisend is Your Ideal e-commerce Partner for Everything Marketing


Why Omnisend is Your Ideal e-commerce Partner for Everything Marketing


People are changing their buying patterns worldwide. The lockdown has even forced baby boomers to purchase online for the first time — some for the first time. COVID has propelled the e-commerce industry’s expansion, and more businesses than ever before are entering the e-commerce revolution. In the midst of retail decreasing, companies that earlier embraced the e-commerce trend have already enjoyed expansion.

With this in mind, you need an ideal eCommerce partner to help draw in more sales in this competitive environment:

Get Personal

Personalization technology is no popular with successful e-commerce businesses to provide customers with a personalized experience. On e-commerce sites, personalization is accomplished by dynamically displaying content and product recommendations. Also particular offers based on browsing activity, previous activities, prior purchase history, consumer trends, and other enriched personal data. eCommerce does not employ a retail sales assistant to make product recommendations based on the customer’s interests, preferences, or taste.

Many opportunities to outperform the competition can be found at human touchpoints. And that is the power of personalization: simulating a customer’s in-store experience via an online customized customer journey. When done well, personalization makes a customer feel as though you are reading their mind. This emotional response instills a sense of loyalty in the recipient. To get the best return on investment, merchants must embrace personalized commerce. They can make it a reality for their customers’ buying experiences.

Interactive Visuals

It’s common to be unsure of what you see on the site is the same as what you’ll get. To cut a long tale short, you delay pressing the purchase button, and the store loses a customer. In 2020, online reviews will not be sufficient to persuade a customer to purchase a product. Before making a purchase, modern consumers must have faith in the company, the product, and the experience. High-resolution photographs are essential in e-commerce sales for this reason. Static visuals, on the other hand, are no longer sufficient. Consumers expect more, such as 360-degree viewing photos that allow potential purchasers to see the goods from all sides. Getting ahead of the curve and utilizing cutting-edge technology can help e-commerce businesses improve sales. It will also attract new clients, and expand their market share.


With Omnisend, you can effortlessly use 3rd-party data to explore the possibilities of your targeted messaging. Use the same Automation Editor to create bespoke workflows based on custom events and statistics from your loyalty & reward programs. You can also use data from call centers, evaluation systems, order management services, and more. With one-click e-commerce platform connectors, excellent 24/7 support, and a comprehensive data sync, you can switch in 30 minutes and have your first automation running. BigCommerce, Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, and Shopify are among some of the eCommerce integrations.

Omnisend can incorporate third-party content, customize, segment, test campaigns, increase sales, and monitor your progress:

  • Conditional Content Blocks – You can add and show specific email content blocks to only particular audience segments.
  • Automation Splits — Create numerous unique communications paths within a single workflow by tailoring special offers and incentives.
  • A/B Split Testing — Channel, incentive or subject line generates the most conversions, then make data-driven decisions to enhance your operations.
  • Segmentation — Use well-targeted, tailored emails, and messages to segment your consumers based on their buying activity.
  • Cross-sell with dynamic suggestions of things that each consumer is most likely to purchase.
  • Mobile SMS — Using the same platform as your emails, add SMS and other channels to deliver a consistent consumer experience.
  • Popups, Exit Intent, Landing Pages, Sign-up boxes, and Wheel of Fortune forms are all built-in to help acquire more subscribers.
  • Themes that are already available – Upload your images and begin recording and emailing to contacts right now!
  • Built-in Message Reports — Track sales and engagement metrics without leaving the Automation Editor to improve your workflows.
  • Automation Reports — Analyze the performance of each workflow to compare different channels and track which consumers converted.
  • Advanced Reporting — Examine the income and engagement metrics from your workflows as a whole, as well as your top-performing automation.
  • Compliance — Use TCPA and GDPR-compliant forms to collect detailed consent information.


The emergence of affordable solutions to automate your eCommerce marketing has been the most exciting upcoming trends in marketing automation. Traditional marketing automation tools must be integrated, and each campaign must be built over time. Deployments might take weeks or months before income comes through.

These new platforms not only have productized integrations, but they also feature ready-to-launch campaigns as soon as you enable them. Omnisend is one of these platforms, offering ready-to-use multi-channel campaigns:

  • Welcome Series — With ready-made series of polite emails, welcome your new customers and turn them into sales.
  • Product Abandonment – Reach out to customers who have browsed your online store but have not made a purchase.
  • Cart Abandonment — Use pre-built campaigns with automated email and SMS communications to recover more abandoned carts.
  • Order Confirmation — As soon as your consumer’s purchase, send them an order confirmation SMS or email, with a receipt.
  • Shipping Confirmation – Make your consumers happy by informing them that their product has arrived.
  • Cross-Sell — Increase sales by recommending other products based on your customers’ previous purchases.

Final word

To cut through the noise, be recognized, and attract buyers in today’s dynamic market. One must keep up with rising e-commerce trends. By making use of Omnisend tools, today marketers can increase sales and get ahead of the completion in this saturated market.